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Welcome to the Clemente Museum

Clemente Museum Open House!!

The Museum is having it’s first ever Open House on July 19th from 3:00pm-7:00pm and July 20th from 10:00am-2:00pm.

Doors will be open to all guests that would like to explore the Museum’s hundreds of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia. Admission is $20 per adult, $10 for children and $10 for students with a valid student ID. Exclusive merchandise will also be available.

Hope to see you there!!

The Clemente Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of “The Great One,” as his fans affectionately called him. The Pittsburgh Pirates drafted Clemente in 1954 and he rose to become the greatest baseball player of his time. During this period, the struggle for social justice had reached every part of our country, and every ballpark.  He and many other athletes had to bear the burdens of racial and cultural prejudices, no matter what their abilities were on the field.

Additionally, Clemente dealt with language barriers, which lead to the media making a mockery of his intelligence. He faced those burdens with dignity, pride and an enduring empathy for those less fortunate. As for his critics, he simply silenced them with his amazing bat and miraculous arm.

Through the exhibit of photographs and artifacts, and outreach to our community, The Clemente Museum works to fulfill our mission of honoring Roberto Clemente’s memory and promote the good deeds he accomplished in his all too short life. He dedicated his 3000th hit to the Pittsburgh fans and the people of Puerto Rico. We are honored to be a part of Pittsburgh’s dedication to him.

Some will come to remember. Some will come to learn. All will leave inspired.

We welcome you.